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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission: What is ENYESE’s purpose during the school year?
At ENYESE, we are committed to providing a supportive learning environment that reflects the diversity of our school community where all students have access to quality staff, courses, activities, services, and resources based on their individual needs. The collaboration of parents, staff and community provides a supportive, academically challenging, and technologically advanced environment, balanced by excellence and fairness for the development of academic, social and emotional wellness.
Vision: What is the hopeful outcome that we want for ENYESE students?
Our shared vision is to ensure continuity of learning, student engagement and prevention of learning loss through the provision of a rigorous and challenging academic blended/remote learning program that nurtures and supports the skills and interests of our students using online and offline content for all subject areas. PHILOSOPHY We believe that to achieve excellence, the ENYESE community must prepare our students to become responsible and contributing members of a changing, challenging, and global society by deliberately practicing excellence.
• Responsibility
• Excellence
• Service
• Pride
• Exposure
• Community
• Tenacity